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  • Facebook Messenger revamped, Adds Texting to Messenger

    The Facebook messenger gets an new outlook on Thursday, with the new design a number of new features were also integrated in the messenger including the ability for some phones to message phone contacts directly from the application.

    The updated version of app allows you to quickly see who’s available to chat by swiping left on the screen. If you find yourself talking to the same people often, you can select specific friends to add to the top of your Favorites in the app for quick access.

    Messages within the app have a more conversational look now, making it easier to see who said what in a particular thread. On some Android phones you can also now text contacts from directly within the Messenger app, allowing you to essentially combine your texts and Facebook messages together in a single location.

    The update for Facebook Messenger for Android is available now. An updated for the iOS version of the app will be available soon.

    In addition to updating the Facebook Messenger app, Facebook also updated Facebook for Android Thursday, adding many of the same features that are available in the Messenger update into the traditional Facebook app.

    The updated version of the traditional Facebook app also lets you know when friends are active in the app – so you know you should reply soon – and adds a button in the upper right of your News Feed you can tap to quickly see who’s available to message.

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