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  • The new iPhone 5 makes it's way to India's popular grey markets!

    Despite the mixed reactions it got from the critics, Apple's latest offering, the iPhone 5 is selling like hotcakes.Within just 3 days into it's launch (21 September 2012), Apple has managed to sell over 5 million units of it's latest smartphone with the the sales still booming.

    The demand for the new iPhone is at an all time high, but Apple fanboys in India are a bit disappointed with still no confirmation about it's launch in India. The rumored time of launch of new iPhone in India is around November, but for those of you who can't wait to get their hands on one, the Indian grey market has come to the rescue! If you're ready to pay anywhere in between Rs. 60000 - 1 lakh, there are a plenty of ways in which you can get an iPhone5 here in India.As soon as you step in any of the popular greymarkets like Heera Panna in Mumbai or Khan market, Gaffar market in Delhi, you'll notice the latest craze.

    Yes! it's the iPhone 5. But, with a premium product, comes an extra premium price tag! You can get the 16 GB version roughly at around Rs. 65000 while the 64 GB version can cost as high as Rs.1.1 lakhs. If you're too lazy or just don't want the trouble of going out to buy one of these, you can buy it online and even save a few bucks, with various websites like and offering it for anywhere in between Rs.60000-1.06 lakhs.
    But, besides the ridiculous price at which it isbeing currently offered, there's another reason why you should think again before getting the iPhone 5. That is, what would you do with one? The iPhone 5 uses a Nano-SIM, which no telecom operator is currently offering in India.Thus, you'll have to get a Nano-SIM cutter and a sandpaper to trim your current SIM card and even then, a slight mistake could ruin your SIM card.

    Thus,without a Nano-SIM, your new iPhone 5 would be just a little more than a mere music player.The contract free iPhone 5 is available in the US for $649 (16 GB), $749 (32 GB) and $849 (64 GB), which would roughly translate into Rs 35000, Rs 40,000 and Rs 46,000. Considering this, if you buy the iPhone 5 now, you'll be paying more than double for the top end version,while not even being able to use more than half of the features.

    A wise man would wait for the initial hype to settle and the prices to come down. But, deep down, even he would want to have the fanciest gadget till date before everybody else!