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  • AMD and BlueStack team up to port Android apps to Windows!

    One of the worlds largest Chip makers, AMD has joined forces with the software firm BlueStacks to bring around 50,000 Android apps to AMD powered windows PC's and tablets.

    BlueStacks has created a Windows application that can enable users to run Android apps on Windows and now, they have teamed up with AMD to bring this application to AMD powered PC's and tablets.

    Last month, on September 27th, AMD and BlueStacks announced that the App Player software, which enables Windows PC's and Apple's Macs to run Android apps, will be the engine driving AMD’s new AMD AppZone, an online marketplace that gives desktops, notebooks and tablets access to more than half a million Android apps.

    "AMD and BlueStacks are making the emerging Android market part of the broader PC ecosystem with the introduction of AppZone. With the new Windows 8 operating system just around the corner, we’re excited to enable exciting new solutions for our PC customers and end users to experience", said Manju Hegde, AMD's corporate VP of Heterogeneous Applications and Developer Solutions.

    This new venture will surely give AMD a kick-start over Intel, once Windows 8 devices begin to ship later this year. AMD is currently working with its partners to pre-load the the BlueStacks Android App Player on AMD-powered Windows 7 and 8 Notebooks, desktop PC's, and tablets.

    In a statement, Rosen Sharma, the CEO of BlueStacks added, "App stores and apps represent a multi-billion dollar opportunity. BlueStacks powered business models are ready to disrupt the PC industry by leveraging the unprecedented growth in the mobile eco-system. By partnering with AMD, we are able to bring 500,000 apps to Windows 8 and the broader installed base of PCs. That’s significantly more apps than any existing PC app store including Intel AppUp or the Windows 8 App Store."

    For consumers, it would mean that now, the choice between AMD powered and Intel powered PC's , tablets and notebooks won't be as easy as it used to be in the past!