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  • Will BlackBerry 10 save the day for RIM?

    Research In Motion, maker of the popular smartphone, Blackberry, needs nothing short of a Miracle to save it's grace. The smartphone market is already heated up with the Apple's new iOS6, Google's Android 4.1 (JellyBean) and now, even Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.
    The company, which has a tough task at it's hand would need compelling devices and strong developer support if it hopes to catch up with it's rivals. The company has already lost some ground, as it's rivals are already out with their latest offerings.

    Back in the day, Research in Motion showcased BlackBerry 10 OS, which featured a pretty neat predictive touch input keyboard interface which works on gesture based predictive text system. The BlackBerry 10 UI looked great and nothing like the current offering from it's rivals. It also looked far better than the currently available BlackBerry 7 OS.

    But a good UI alone won't be enough to determine the success of the company's latest product and even it's sustainability.

    One of the distinctive features of BlackBerry 10 devices, due next year, will be the new "Flow" UI, that's heavily focused on multitasking as well as the integration of messaging and social media in a single inbox.

    At a conference held last week, RIM's CMO, Frank Boulben said, "When I look at the marketplace today, I see two very big players in the me-too battle. The 'mine is slightly better than yours,' 'you have this, I have that' race. That's not where we want to play," he said. "The paradigm now is click on the app, when you want to do something else, click the home button, and go to another app. That's five years old now. The BlackBerry 10 experience is completely different and unique."

    "Whether you are using our all-touch product or our physical keyboard device, you will have the best keyboard, period", he added.

    RIM will surely need some great-featured devices to back these tall claims. We'll just have to wait till these devices begin to ship in Early 2013.