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  • eCall : A system that automatically calls for help in case of a car crash!

    In Europe, a service known as eCall is being devised, that will automatically call for emergency services in case of a car crash. The European parliament hopes to install this service in every new car by 2015.

    According to the European parliament, with the introduction of this technology, the severity of injuries can be reduced by 10 to 15 percent and more than 2500 lives could be saved every year. The eCall service would automatically call the European emergency number 112 in case of a car crash, and hence the time required the emergency services to reach the crash site will be reduced. With the use of eCall service, the emergency response times could speed up by 50 percent in the rural areas and 40 percent in the urban areas!

    The service would use GPS satellites and Mobile Phones of the people to determine the location of the crashed car. After determining the location of the crash site, eCall will then contact the nearest emergency center. The service can also determine if the call was triggered manually or automatically.

    Even with so many benefits, the system has it's share of privacy issues.The fact that the system can be used to monitor a personís movements or determine his or her location even though the person hasn't been involved in an accident, raises concerns.

    The operation of the system is not that complex though. Just as the case with airbags in the cars these days, the eCall system can be triggered by sensors in the vehicle involved in the crash. Once the service is triggered, it will contact the nearest emergency services and transmit the exact location of the crashed vehicle.

    The complete implementation of this service would require a lot of effort by the authorities, mobile phone operators and car manufacturers alike. No matter how tough the implementation might be, but it will surely prove to be a big advantage for the general public.