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  • It's official : Windows Phone 8 coming on October 29!

    After showcasing Windows Phone 8 back in June this year, Microsoft is all set to officially launch it's latest smartphone OS on October 29. The company has started sending invites for the launch event of Windows Phone 8 on 29th of this month in San Francisco, US.

    Unlike the event that took place earlier in June this year, this time, Microsoft will demonstrate the complete set of features in the new OS. Also, it is expected that the Windows Phone 8 software development kit (SDK) would officially be available to the developers.

    After the launch event, it is expected that the first family of Windows Phone 8 devices will be available for pre-order by as early as November. All the major manufacturers have already unveiled their Windows Phone 8 devices. These include Nokia's Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, Samsung's Ativ S, HTC's 8X and 8S.

    Windows Phone 8 sees some major upgrades over the existing version of Windows Phone, the Windows Phone Mango. These changes include support for multi-core processors, different screen sizes, removable micro SD card, Near Field Communication (NFC) capability and several other features have been added in the yet-to-be launched version.

    We already know that the home screen is a bit different more customizable, as the live tiles can now be resized as per need of the user.

    Rumors are also doing the rounds that Microsoft is expected to manufacture and sell its own Surface smartphone next year, just as the Surface tablet that was revealed earlier this year.

    Windows Phone 8 Preview :