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  • Before it's official launch, Microsoft gives significant upgrdaes to Windows 8

    Even before releasing it for the general public, Microsoft has rolled out a major update for it's latest operating system, Windows 8.

    The update promises significant improvements to Windows 8 in terms of performance, power management, battery efficiency, media playback, and compatibility.

    The update, which includes some bug fixes as well, will be available for MSDN and enterprise customers. As for the general public, the updates would be available from October 26.

    In it's official blog, Microsoft said, "We are pleased to be releasing a set of improvements to Windows 8 in broad areas of performance, power management and battery efficiency, media playback, and compatibility. These improvements are available starting today via Windows Update. We wanted to briefly talk about our improvements to the engineering system and in particular the speed at which we were able to deliver these updates to you."

    In the past, Microsoft has never really rolled out such updates, but has combined a large number of updates and released them in the form of a Service Pack. This is a welcome move by Microsoft as now, the users won't need to wait too long, to receive an update.

    The blog also stated, "Windows 8 will be totally up to date for all customers starting at General Availability. If you are an MSDN or enterprise customer, these updates will be available for your Windows 8 PCs via Windows Update as of today."

    " We think this new pace of delivering high quality updates to Windows will be a welcome enhancement for all of our customers."

    This is the second major upgrade by Microsoft in the past week. Earlier, Microsoft updated a number of built-in apps such as SkyDrive app, Photos app, Video app, Music app, Bing search app, Games app, etc. that come with Windows 8.

    Microsoft is all set for the official launch of Windows 8 on October 26.