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  • Indian Railways allows you to track 6,500 trains in real-time!

    RailRadar, a web application launched by the Centre for Railway Information Service (CRIS) enables users to track the movement of 6500 trains across the country on a real-time basis.

    The web application is jointly developed by the RailYatri team and the Centre for Railway Information Service. Though, currently there is no mobile application for this service, but the users can gain access to this service through the web browser on their mobile phones.

    RailRadar is pretty easy to use and has very interactive user interface. Once opened, the users can zoom in and zoom out just like Google Maps, to get station and train details.

    General Manager of CRIS, Sunil Bajpai said, “With the launch of RailRadar, we are offering information in an entirely new way about train movement, which is, perhaps, the first for any major railway system in the world.

    As the volume and complexity of information increases, we believe that new methods of information dissemination (associated with trains and its running information) will be required sooner than later.’s RailRadar is one such attempt on that line. We believe that value of information/directions can greatly be enhanced when presented graphically rather than just plain text.”

    As seen in the Map, the blue arrows represent the trains running on time while the red arrows indicate the trains that are running behind schedule. With the new app, users would be able also know the number of trains that are active at any given time. If the user wishes to see the exact route of any particular train, he just needs to click that train and the map will also show the complete route and current location of the train including all the stops.

    As of now, RailRadar is configured in such a way that it is refreshed in every five minutes. That means that at any given time, the information displayed in the app would be delayed by at least five minutes.

    This is also explained on the website as it says, “Please be aware that the, location, and status of trains shown on the map are typically 5 and more mins delayed from the real time. Please refer to main portal page for the latest train running status. Please note that RailRadar, using all different types of tracking mechanisms and the software that supports it, while highly reliable, is also complex.”

    Speaking about the plans to enable GPS tracking in the trains, Sunil Bajpai said, “We have been experimenting with the idea of installing GPS devices in trains and have successfully implemented it for 360 train services in Chennai. “We will be rolling this out for all our trains and over the next year the results will start showing.”

    The Indian Railways hopes to enable GPS tracking across the entire network.