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  • 15-year-old schoolgirl beats Einstein's, Stephen Hawking's IQ!

    Fabiola Mann, a schoolgirl from UK, was accepted into Mensa, after she was proved to be smarter than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking! The Schoolgirl with an IQ score of 162, has beaten Einstein and Hawking who have an IQ score of 160.

    Not only that, Mann's IQ score of 162 has now put her in the top one percent of the smartest people in the world.

    The IQ test was conducted by Mensa, the high IQ society that was founded in 1946 and provides a forum for intellectual exchange among its members. Mensa also awarded the teenager with a membership certificate earlier this year.

    The IQ test was conducted on July 30th this year at the London UCL medical college and the students from Northwood College School took the three-hour test.

    In an E-mail to the Economic Times, Fabiola said, "I had heard about Mensa and so decided to take their test. The questions were slightly more confusing (from the practice IQ tests online) and we did not have much time to do them, so I could not really tell how I was doing."

    Fabiola got her test results a month after taking the test,"We went on holiday soon after (the test), and it was a month before I finally got a letter through the post telling me that I had an IQ of 162 and was invited to join Mensa. I was thrilled", she added.

    Fabiola's mother, Renne Mann was elated with her daughter's achievement and she said, "Obviously I had heard about Mensa and genius IQ level children, but I'm amazed that my own daughter is one."

    A purple belt in karate, Fabiola also loves to play chess.Also, she plays the piano and guitar and according to her relatives, she sings really well too.

    "As parents we are very proud and excited. It's quite unbelievable and we hope it leads to her fulfilling her potential. I hope she continues to do well and this leads to her doing good for others", said Fabiloa's mother in an interview to BBC.