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  • Apple must publicly apologize to Samsung, says a UK court

    The patent war between Apple and Samsung is getting intensified each day to say the least. Back in the day, Apple won it's patent infringement case against Samsung in the Unites states, but now it seems that the tables have turned.

    Apple is now at the receiving end of things, as a high court in the UK has ordered Apple to run advertisements in the media and publicly apologize to Samsung. Moreover, the court has also specified the font size if Apple tries to play clever.

    Apple had filed a case against Samsung over the design patents related to the iPad.

    Earlier this year in July, a lower court in the UK had ruled down Apple's appeal against Samsung and said that there wasn't any patent infringement between the design of the two products and said that the tablets by Samsung were not as "cool" as the iPad as the software they ran on, was not as simple and easy to use as the software on the iPad.

    As per the original ruling, Apple was told to run advertisements on it's website and also in the British newspapers stating that Samsung did not copy their products.

    The original ruling did not take place with immediate effect as Apple applied for a stay, but now, Apple has lost the appeal and it must comply with the original ruling and run these advertisements.

    Talking to Bloomberg, a Samsung spokesperson said, "We welcome the court's judgment, which reaffirmed our position that our Galaxy Tab products do not infringe Apple's registered design right.

    We continue to believe that Apple was not the first to design a tablet with a rectangular shape and rounded corners and that the origins of Apple's registered design features can be found in numerous examples of prior art.

    Should Apple continue to make excessive legal claims in other countries based on such generic designs, innovation in the industry could be harmed and consumer choice unduly limited."

    Now here's what Apple has to do exactly, it has to publish an apology to Samsung through various media sources across the UK which states that Samsung hasn't copied iPad's design for it's range of Galaxy Tab devices and also, Apple has to provide a link to the UK court's verdict on it's website.

    At last, Apple needs to publish the apology in Arial font in a size not less than 14.
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