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  • This year, Girls are all set to rule the CAT !

    The year 2012 has been quite significant as far as the number of female candidates registering for the Common Admission Test (CAT) goes. It is being reported that this year, the number of girls who have registered to take the CAT, is at a record high.

    IIM Kozhikode, which has the responsibility of conducting this year's CAT has released the registration data for CAT 2012 which shows that the number of female candidates who have registered for CAT 2012 has increased by 8.6% as compared to the number of male candidates which has only increased by 2.6%.

    The director of IIM Kozhikode, Debashis Chatterjee says he is proud of the fact that this year has seen such an increase in the number of female candidates. He says, " IIMK initiated the trend first by reserving 35 percent of the seats for girls in our post graduate programs."

    The data released by IIMK also shows that just like the previous years, students from engineering background continue to dominate the registrations with a total of 67.6 percent of the total applicants being engineering graduates.

    Commenting on this, Debashis Chatterjee says, " The engineering gradutaes are in a advantageous position over other candidates because of their strong mathematics background."

    "The time an engineering graduate spends on the quantitative section is a lot less than students from other disciplines who gave up mathematics after their high school", he added.

    Some key points regarding CAT 2012 :
    • This year, the number of girls taking the exam has increased by 8.6 percent.
    • Maximum number of applicants for CAT 2012 are from Delhi.
    • Candidates with work experience of two-three years, has increased by 43 percent.
    • Engineering candidates dominate registrations as opposed to students from other fields.
    • The number of candidates from SC,ST and OBC has increased marginally.

    The number of candidates with work-experience of two-three years is up by 43%. commenting on this, Dr. Arun Mohan Sherry, chairman, Joint Admissions Committee, Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad says, "This is important as it implies that quality of students at b-schools will improve. Learning will become more interesting. It will also be easy to teach these students since they have some amount of industry experience. They will also have a better understanding of what they learn in b-schools. This sure is a positive development."

    This year, the total number of candidates, taking the Common Admission Test is 2,14,068, and there's a marginal increase as compared to previous years. CAT 2009 was taken by 2,41,582 candidates, which lowered down to 2,04,267 in 2010. In 2011, the number of applicants increased again, with a total of 2,05,345 candidates taking the test.