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  • Students from Bihar based "Super-30" now have a shot at Full Scholorship at Tokyo University

    Not only the people in India, but Anand Kumar, the founder of "super-30", has managed to inspire people globally as well.

    Inspired by the immense success of the Super-30, a group of Japanese universities have decided to start Global 30, a program that would let 30 students from under-privileged backgrounds from all across the world study in various universities in Japan and would be provided with full scholarships for the entire duration of the course.

    Super-30 has enterd into an agreement with the University of Tokyo which would enable one student from the Super -30 to go to Japan for higher education that'll be fully sponsored by the university.

    On his recent visit to India, the director of Tokyo University, Hiroshi Yoshino said in an interview, "I am coming here to meet Anand Kumar, and then I wish to explain what courses are available for his student for higher education. That means undergraduate as well as graduate. We are expecting undergraduates, also his students studying in IITs to come to Japan for masters and doctorate."

    Anand kumar and his Super-30 have become very popular in Japan. One of the larget broadcasters in Japan,NHK channel had made some documentaries about Anand Kumar and the Super-30 that became very popular amongst the masses.

    "University of Tokyo is reaching an understanding with the Patna-based mathematical group (Super 30) because of its remarkable performance of training economically poor students to qualify in top institutions like IIT.

    Presently, out of 1.4 lakh foreign students annually coming to Japan, India's contribution is only 600. Japan wishes to increase (its) number of foreign students to three lakh by 2020 which can be achieved by raising flow of students from India, particularly in the field of science and technology," Yoshino added.

    The widely popular and acclaimed Super-30 program has been training students from economically backward sections for the IIT-JEE since quite a few years now and also provides free food and stay for a complete year to the selected students.

    Expressing his happiness over the agreement, Anand Kumar said, "I felt really happy that he (Yoshino) has come. He said that if we send one student to Tokyo University, then they would give him full scholarship. Once the student has completed his course then he will present him as an ambassador from India so that more students are encouraged to come to Japan for higher studies. This is a proud moment for us."

    The popularity of Super-30 can be measured from the fact that last year, it was featured in the Time magazine and the Discovery Channel had also made an hour-long documentary about the school.