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  • Skeptical about buying Windows 8? Try it before buying!

    Yesterday, Microsoft launched Windows 8 and it went on sale all around the world. If you have a PC/Laptop that runs on Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 and you wish to upgrade to Windows 8, you can head over to Microsoft's India website and download it at a reasonable price of Rs.1,999 for the Windows 8 Pro edition.

    You might have noticed that Microsoft has completely redesigned the user interface on Windows 8 and now, it comes with Live tiles on the home screen, just as on any Windows Phone device.

    Back in the day, after announcing the Windows 8, Microsoft had released a consumer preview for the users who wanted to have a look and feel of the latest operating system from Microsoft. But yesterday, after the final build was launched, Microsoft had pulled off the consumer preview from it's website.

    So, what can you do now if you want to try Windows 8 before spending your hard-earned money? Well, Microsoft has given you an option for that too!

    Microsoft has made a 90-day trial version available for download through it's website. Though, these evaluation copies are mainly released for the developers but consumers too can download these and try it before they decide to buy the full version of Windows 8.

    But you should be careful before installing these evaluation copies as they would expire after 90 days and you won't be able to upgrade to the full-version after that. Thus, to be on a safer side, we advice that first you create a bootable Windows 8 DVD from the evaluation copy that you download and then install it on your machine in such a way, that you can dual-boot your machine on any of the two windows versions.

    If you wish to downlaod the 90-day free trial version, head over to and at the bottom of the page there, you can find the link to download Windows 8 on your machine.