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  • GATE 2013: How to make sure you get things right in the last 3 months!

    With the date for GATE 2013 approaching, all the tension and anxiety surrounding the prestigious exam must be at it's peak if you're an aspirant!

    With just a little over two months reaming for GATE 2013, the aspirants must be feeling the heat to round up whatever they've studied till date and finish whatever they can before the final revision.

    But, you don't need to worry as two months is a decent enough time to get things in order and give yourself a great chance of cracking the prestigious exam.

    Today, to get you rid of all your worries about GATE 2013, we have some preparation tips for you, that will surely help you in reducing your tension and focus all your energy on the preparations.

    1.) 3 months before GATE 2013

    • This is the time when you need to start focusing more on the subjects which carry higher weightage in the GATE exam.
    • Focus on theory as much as you can and once you're done, solve a few questions based on that as it would help you to understand the subject better.
    • prepare notes side-by-side as you do a particular subject. It'll be a great help once you start revising in the final days.

    2.) 2 months before GATE 2013

    • By this time, you should start solving question papers from previous years and start focusing more on the numerical part as compared to the theoretical part.
    • Also, by now, you should start mastering the subjects with maximum weightage. keep your notes with you always, and keep looking at them from time-to-time. It'll help you in the final days when you're doing the final preparations.
    • To make sure you can cover the maximum syllabus, try and cover two different subjects in a day.

    3.) 1 month before GATE 2013

    • Focus all your time in solving questions from previous years.
    • Find and solve as many question papers as you can.
    • In the remaining time, try and cover up the weak topics which you feel, require a bit more attention.

    4.) Final few days before GATE 2013

    • One Universal rule: No new topics! Focus on accuracy while solving previous year question papers.
    • If you're stuck at a point, don't panic, just refer to the relevent theory and try to solve the question again.
    • Give all your time for revision in the final few days. Pick up the notes you've made for yourself and go through everything you've written till date.

    5.) 1 day before GATE 2013

    • No matter what we say to you, you'll stil end up panicking at that time. But, if you can, just try and keep your cool.
    • Just understand that it's just an exam for which you've prepared yourself well and since long!
    • On the evening before the exam, do things which make you happy and entertain you. Don't be up till late.
    • Take proper sleep of about 6-8 hours, so that you can wake up on the day of the exam with a fresh frame of mind.

    Finally, be confidant about your preparation and make yourself believe that you'll get through! All the best and we really hope you give your best shot in GATE 2013.