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  • Malicious Spam hits Skype users in India

    The Indian government has issued a warning to Skype users in the country, after it was reported that the Internet-based audio-video communicator was affected by a spam in India.

    The advisory by the Indian governments suggests that the Skype users should install the latest version of Skype on their machines, only from the official website. Further, the users should install an up-to-date anti-virus software on their computers.

    The advisory issued by the government reads, "A malicious spam campaign is on the rise targeting Skype users by sending instant message which appears to come from friends in the Skype contact list."

    The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), the cyber security arm of the Indian government says that the spam infecting Skype users in India is "capable of gaining control of the victim's machine by opening a backdoor and communicating to a remote http server."

    It is reported that after gaining access to the victim's computer, the malware steals users' details, engages in click fraud activities and also pose as ransomware.

    To tackle the situation, the cyber security experts have issued an advisory that asks the users "not follow unsolicited web links or attachments in Skype messages and install latest security updates to Skype".

    The advisory also suggests the users not to "follow unsolicited web links or attachments in Skype messages and install latest security updates to Skype and use caution when clicking on links to web pages and protect yourself against social engineering attacks."

    This problem of spamming started earlier this month, when Skype users reported a weird looking message in their chat windows which said, "lol is this your new profile pic?" along with the message, there was a link, which once clicked, would download malware into users' computer.

    The cyber security company, Trend Micro says that it has detected and blocked 6,800 of such files. The company has also said that these messages haven't been stopped yet and are spreading fast.