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  • IIT Delhi Alumni to meet the new HRD minister over IIT-JEE reforms

    Alumni of IIT Delhi, who had constantly shown their disapproval over the new reforms that were introduced by former HRD Minister Kapil Sabil, have approached the new HRD minister M M Pallam Raju to reconsider the reforms that were introduced earlier.

    The IIT Delhi Alumni Association on Wednseday, sent a letter to the HRD minister's office to schedule a meeting by as early as next week.

    An excerpt from the letter reads, "We are looking to your help to remedy the situation and to help IIT retain its high standards and augment the same to compete with the best of the world's institutions."

    Earlier this year, Kapil Sibal had made a controvertial decision of a single entrance examination for all the engineering institutes that are run by the central government. In that reform, it was also proposed that weightage should also be given to the class XII board marks of the students.

    This proposal by Sibal had created quite a stir amongst the IIT and various other institutions across the country which were not contended with this proposal.

    Finally, in July this year, it was decided that there would be a two-round exam for the entrance into IIT's and to be eligible to secure a seat in the prestigious IIT's, the students need to be within the top 20 percentile of the class XII board exams.

    Commenting on this development, the president of the IIT Delhi Alumni Association, Somnath Bharti said, "With a change in command in the ministry of HRD, we are re-energising our drive to make the Government understand that the new IIT-JEE pattern will solve none of the three problems Mr Sibal had identified. Rather the new pattern does exactly the opposite."

    The IIT alumni who are opposing these reforms, believe that if these reforms are implimented, IIT as a brand would be diluted.