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  • Algerian hacker group attacks DRDO and 5 other govenment websites

    Late night on Wednesday, six key websites of the Indian government faced cyber attacks from an Algeria based hacker group named 'SanFour25'.

    The websites under attack included DRDO and a website that's hosted by the Prime Minister's advisor.

    The websites that were hacked by the Algerian group include, West Bengal's police department, DRDO's Recruitment and Assessment Center, Directorate of Estates, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, and Rehabilitation Council of India.

    The investigations are on at this moment as the government is trying to restore the websites.

    The most important website hacked by the group was that of the DRDO's Recruitment and Assessment Center. The site under attack contains information regarding the recruitment of scientists. After the attack, it took 9 hours before the website was restored.

    This is the first ever case of an Algerian group hacking into the Indian websites. Previously, such groups only targeted important websites of the west.

    Talking to Hindustan Times, a source said, "After checking the websites, these were restored. There are no secrets on these websites." The source also said that this shouldn't cause any security concerns as the information contained on the websites was already available publicly.

    This is not the first time that the Indian websites have been targeted by hackers around the world. Earlier, a group named Pakistan cyber Army managed to hack many Indian government websites. Also, earlier this year, the computers at the Naval Command in Visakhapatnam were attacked by hackers.

    These attacks have once again raised serious concerns about the Indian governments' defense against cyber attacks. India is in deep need of a large number of ethical hackers to ensure the safety of Indian websites.