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  • IIT fee may be hiked by Rs.40,000 per annum for UG courses

    The IIT Council standing committee is set to meet on November 5 in Mumbai to discuss the proposed hike in tuition fee of undergraduate programs from the current, Rs. 50,000 to Rs.90,000.

    Last year, the Kakodkar Committee had recommended that the fee for UG courses at IIT's should be hiked by Rs.2-2.5 lakh per annum from the current Rs.50,000.

    The proposal for Rs.40,000 is seen as an 'interim step' according to the sources and comes at a time when the recommendation by the Kakodkar committee is still under consideration.

    Back in 2011, IIT council had constituted the Kakodkar Committee which had suggested a four-fold increase in tuition fee to help IITs attain financial independence.

    This recommendation by the committee was approved by the IIT council and it was decided that it would implemented from the year 2013.

    While the steep hike of nearly Rs.2.2 lakh was still under consideration, a group of the directors from all the IIT's had met in February and considered the proposal for tuition fee hike by Rs.40,000. The IIT standing committee would meet on November 5 to discuss this issue.

    Earlier, the Kakodkar committee had also recommended to periodically review the IIT's and this issue too, would be taken up by the standing committee on November 5.

    The committee had stated that the government should, through the IIT Council, exercise its prerogative over the IIT by invoking the power of the visitor every five years so that the achievements and governance of the IITs is reviewed by a committee.

    This committee believes that this step would ensure the transparency and accountability to the government and the public.