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  • 5 tips to help you choose the right Engineering Branch!

    Now, when the notifications for JEE 2013 are out, all you engineering aspirants must be getting ready to fill the forms and finalizing your preparations that you've been doing since the past couple of years.

    But have you made your choice about the branch you wish to take up once you're through with the exam? Choosing a branch can be a tough task and a quite confusing one as well.

    So, today we have five tips for you about what you should consider while making one of the most important decisions of your lives.

    • Chose the things that interest you, not the ones that offer better scope

    By now, you must've noticed many 'Uncles' and 'Aunties' who love to act as counselors when it comes to you. They'll tell you to choose XYZ branch only because it offers a better scope. But, the first thing you should do, is stay away from them! The truth is, scope in every field keeps on changing from time to time. Every few years, there's some new trend in the market but that does not mean that you choose your field based on that. To be successful you don't need a branch that has scope, you need a branch that interests' you. You'll attain success in every branch, if you're performing well there. So, if you have interest in a field, you'll be successful no matter what.
    • Gather information about the specializations that your branch can offer

    Choosing the right branch is tough, but it can be simplified to a large extent if you are clear about the things that interest you. For example, if you're interested in cars, it makes much more sense to choose Automobile engineering rather than Mechanical engineering. So, it is better if you can take some time out and find what each branch has to offer and if that meets your interest.
    • Branch or College, what should be given more preference?

    This one's a bit tricky! Choosing your branch of interest is of utmost importance but does that mean that you should sacrifice that top college that you've been dreaming for since you started preparing? If you're not getting the branch there, that is! Well, we advice that you do some deep research before you come at any conclusion. Go to various college websites any try and find out the courses in branch. That'll help you a great deal in making the right choice.
    • Options for post graduation as a graduate engineer

    If you see yourself as doing a post graduation straight after you're done with your engineering, it's a good idea to check on those options right now as well. Every branch can offer you some specialization in one or more fields. For instance, if you're a mechanical engineer you can do a masters in core mechanical fields like manufacturing or in fields such as robotics, automobiles. BUt, if you're an automobile engineer, you won't have that many options.
    • The nature of your work once you graduate from college

    It is very important to know the kind of work you'll end up doing once you've cleared four years of college. If you're a kind of person who loves a desk job rather than field-work, a branch like civil engineering isn't suited for you as it requires a lot of time to be spent in the field.

    So, it's important for you to get your priorities straight before you jump the gun!