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  • Twitter takes on Instagram with camera filters for it's Mobile App

    There seems to be some bitterness between the micro blogging site Twitter and the photo sharing app Instagram, after the latter was purchased by Facebook earlier this year.

    If various online reports are to be believed, Twitter is gearing up to launch Instagram-like photo filters for it's mobile app that will enable it's users to add effects to their photos and upload them directly through the Twitter mobile app, bypassing third party apps like Instagram.

    Though there is no official word by Twitter on these reports as of now, but this move is being seen a direct repose to Facebook's acquisition of Instagram earlier this year.

    According to a report in the New York times, at one point, twitter was planning to purchase a photo-sharing service too, but, it's plan were taken aback after Facebook purchased Instagram for a sum of $715 million.

    After the failed plan to purchase a photo-sharing service, Twitter then finally decided that it would build it's own photo-sharing application, as the various apps that twitter was looking to purchase, were priced too high for the the features they offered.

    The report in NYT said, "After meeting with an appraising some companies, Twitter’s executives decided the price tags were not worth the goods, and decided the company could build its own filters instead."

    It is also interesting to know that in May this year, before acquiring instagram, Facebook had released it's own camera app that would let people click photos, add effects and upload them directly on the social networking website.

    Though the app was neat and offered nice features, it still lagged behind Instagram by a great margin and thus, could never really catch up.

    It remains to be seen if Twitter took some notes from it so that when the company comes up with it's own photo-sharing service, it can give Instagram a tough fight!