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  • Macquarie University, Sydney to offer 55 scholarships over the next 5 years

    One of the leading universities of Australia and the touted to be one of the leading research universities, Macquarie University, has said that it would offer a total of 55 scholarships worth Australian $11 million (approx. Rs 62.1 crore) over the next five years in India.

    India is gearing up to celebrate it's golden jubilee in the year 2022 and thus, India@ 75 scholarships will enable Indian students pursue research at Macquaire University.

    During an interactive seesion with the media, Prof. S. Bruce Dowton, Vice- Chancellor, Macquarie University said, "Each student will complete a Ph. D. thesis at Macquarie in an area of research identified as important to the India@ 75 mission,”

    Prof. S. Bruce Dowton went on to say that, "Research is an area that helps maintain long- term relation- ships with students and also with the research and development sectors in India. That is why the scholarships are aimed at research candidates even though our undergraduate courses are equally popular among Indian students."

    Macquarie university ranks at No. 4 in Australia as per the ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia) rankings for its contributions to research at the highest leve. The university is also awarded a 5 start rating rating in biological, earth, environmental and physical sciences as well as psychology and cognitive sciences.

    Anish C. B. Pillai, who got his Master’s in Biotechnology from Macquarie university in 2010 said that Macquarie’s research initiatives are supported by big investments in facilities and infrastructure.

    Pillai is one of the two candidates who have been awarded India@ 75 scholarships this year (worth Australian $125,000). The other candidate who too bagged the scholarship is Ishan Das Rastogi, who is all set to pursue a Ph. D. in Biotechnology at the university.

    Anish Pillai also said that, "though Macquarie is known for its research work, its MBA programmes are popular, too, among Indian students." He also mentioned the fact that there are a lot of other Indian students on the campus as well."

    Talikng about the Indian students studying at the university, Dowton said: "We have a lot of Indian students registered in the Faculty of Business and Economics and they have an equal representation in the Faculty of Science.

    They are also present in good numbers in the Faculty of Human Science and the Macquarie Graduate School of Management."

    Though there are already a large number of Indian students studying at the university, but this new initiative would surely strengthen the universities connection to India.