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  • Top 5 tips to ensure that the girl you like, likes you back!

    So, you are totally floored by that one girl in your college and can do anything to get the conversation started ? Well, if you like her that much, chances are, that you haven't told her yet!

    It is a fact, that college girls are among the hardest group of women to impress.

    The fact that they are in college, and are surrounded by a thousand guys who are all craving for her attention. To top it, everyday some random guy would try to hit on her and the worst part is, she knows all of it!

    All the above mentioned factors make the things all the more harder for you to get her attention. Well, even though it's tough to impress her, but, with the right approach and attitude, things will become a lot more easier for you. So, go on and read these five tips that would ensure that the chances of you scoring are maximized!

    • Before talking to her, try and understand her attitude

    If you're thinking that one day you'll gather all your courage and just directly ask her out, well, you're waiting to be disappointed!Remember that she's in college and it is a high possibility that she comes across such guys every second day. With that being said, you can try and observe her and the way she behaves.

    You need to find out the things she loves doing and later, when initial conversations start, start complementing her on those things. If she's one of those girls who values her education more than anything else, then you will have to synchronize your attitude with hers. The more you try and understand her, the more are the chances, that she'll start paying attention to what you're saying.

    You need to understand and respect her way of thinking and try and give out an impression that you are one of those guys, who'll prefer keeping the girl with him, rather than just getting her.

    • Approach her only when you think the time is right, don't be in a hurry

    Rushing with things is one of the biggest blunders you can make here. You need to take your time before you decide to take the plunge. If you are too nervous to approach her directly, try and find a mutual friend who might help to introduce her to you.

    This is one way that would surely reduce your chances of rejection to a great extent as it is a more formal way and most probably, you'll get on the right foot with the girl. Don't be disheartened if you don't have any mutual friends. Just keep calm when you're approaching her.

    Don't make it too big and Just walk up to her and try to open a general conversation. (Just make sure that you aren't sweating much!) AND! Stay away from pick up lines. PLEASE!

    • Always maintain eye contact, create and aura and present a good image

    Before knowing how good a person you are from the inside, a girl would always judge a guy by the way he looks carries himself. Just know that, every girl would be cautious about the guy she wants to go out with and if you hope to be that one guy for her, make sure that you're looking good.When it comes to the girls in the college, appearance would be among one of the those things, they'll give maximum importance to.

    While you're talking to her, be loud and clear and at ease with your surroundings. Make sure that you're comfortable while talking and talk to her as if you would with any other girl you know. Also, always maintain eye contact! That would make you come across as a guy who's confident.

    • Be kind to her, nothing would impress her more that that.

    If you are kind to her and she knows this fact, consider yourself at a big advantage. Because kindness is one thing that would separate you from the rest of the guys she knows. Be nice and polite to her and she'll definitely see the good in you.

    Just know that a girl would always remember a guy, whose been kind her. So, if you're hoping to date her someday,being kind to her is the perfect start you'll have. If a girl knows you're kind, she would be more interested in talking to you when you meet her the next time.

    • Come across as an intelligent, smart guy who values things in life

    Always remember that the girl is in your college, so, whatever you end up doing, would noticed by her as well. So, act smart and try and maintain good grades as well. Make sure that you she knows that you're dedicated towards your studies as well and would never let anything else compromise this fact.

    This will surely make her think of you as guy, who she can go out with. If you're ambitious and talented, somewhere deep down, she would know this and would be interested in taking things forward with you.

    So, these are the few tips that would help you overcome your fear of rejection and make you approach the girl you have a crush on!