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  • It's raining iPAD's, free mobile recharges & other goodies this winter at FE!

    So, what do you think is the easiest way to get your hands on a brand new iPad 3?

    Is it asking for money from your parents? (Seriously? with those semester results, you still got the guts?) Or is it working hard for a few months, save some money and then buy it? (kudos to your patience!)

    Well, don't be disappointed because has come to your rescue! We're giving you the easiest way to get your hands on the best tablet in the world, the iPAD 3 !

    Starting today, you stand yourself a genuine chance to win an iPad 3 and various other exciting goodies including a brand new Samsung Galaxy ACE, a 1TB external hard drive, gift vouchers from Shoppers Stop, Free mobile recharges, Pen Drives and framed FaaDoO certificates!

    So, you're thinking that it's one of those boring contests where we pick Lucky Winners? Well, you're WRONG! Today, we proudly present to you, our user redemption offer which lets each and every one of you to win these exciting gifts simply by collecting points through your activities at and then redeeming the points you've collected for these awesome gifts that offers it's users!

    Here's what you need to do
    Basically, you need to earn points! And here's how you can do that:

    • Log in to your profile and start new posts ( WHAT! You haven't made your profile on yet? DO IT NOW!)

    • Upload relevant files in various sections that you see on our forums

    • Make friends through various FaaDoO Engineers communities

    • Get your friends and other users to like anything and everything you post at

    All the above things will let you earn points! Lot's and lot's of them. The more points you earn, the more close you get yourself to win an iPad 3 and various other things along the way as well.

    Here's how our points system works:

    • For every new post you start, you get 2 points. (Thus, 100 posts = 200 points)

    • For every thank you receive on your post, you get 1 point

    • For each relevant file you upload, you get 3 points! (100 files = 300 points!)

    That's it! These are the three simple ways by which you earn points at But remember that for every Groan you get from any user, your points would get reduced by 5.

    So, how many points you need to claim your favorite product? Here's the list!

    • A brand new iPad 3 worth Rs.37,000 : 25,000 points

    • A brand new samsung Galaxy ACE worth Rs.10,000: 10,000 points

    • A 1TB External hard disk worth Rs.5,500: 5000 points

    • Gift vouchers from Shoppers Stop worth Rs.1000: 1000 points

    • Free mobile recharge worth Rs.500: 500 points

    • A brand new 8GB pen drive worth Rs.250: 250 points

    • A framed certificate of being a die hard fan: 100 points

    We know that you love us! And this is us, showing you how much we love you back!

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