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  • The 5 most ridiculous placement interview questions ever!

    It's the placement season again! You'll be noticing a lot of those big companies hogging on the campuses all across the country to recruit the "brightest minds" in India!

    Have you started preparing for the aptitude tests, technical tests, technical interviews and all that? Well, ideally you should be quite confident by now about your preparations.

    But, there's one more thing you should prepare yourself for! Or maybe, you can't prepare yourself for this, you just gotta experience it first hand. And that is, some really, really weird (read:obvious) placement interview questions that would surely take you by surprise.

    So, here are the 5 most annoying interview questions ever and a likely response you might wanna give!

    Q.) Tell me something about yourself that isn't written your the resume!

    Dude! Seriously? Thing first thing i did as soon as i sat down for this interview, was giving you my resume! Because everything, every damn thing that you need to know about me is written there. Just read it once for gods sake! You'll give me a job based on that!

    Okay, so would you give me a job if i tell you how many girls/boys i've slept with? No, right? So just read this one A4 sheet of paper that i got exclusively for you!

    Q.) Why do you want to work for us/ What interests you about out company?

    Duh! You're hiring, i'm looking for a job! Works well that way, right?

    On second thoughts, is this the part where you expect me to go on and on and on to praise your company, tell you how obliged i would be to work for it, how it was my dream to work for you guys and all that sh*t i crammed up last night?

    My parents have invested a lot of money and i have have invested my full 4 years! I just need a job! Doesn't matter if it's you or anyone else! Peace?

    Q.) Where do you see yourself in five to ten years from today?

    Good lord! Am i an astrologer? Do i read tarot cards or something? NO! I don't. Get it?

    I don't even have an idea about what i'll be doing over this weekend and here, you're asking me about the next five to ten years.

    But, just for the record, i was told be prepared for this. So, here it is: I see myself at a great post in your company earning a handsome salary and living life king size. Happy? That's exactly what the five people who came in before me must've told you, right?

    Please stop asking this question man!

    Q.) Why hasn't anyone hired you yet?

    Because of this very reason! (Go and punch him in the face)

    I don't know! They didn't tell me before asking my lazy a** to leave! I tried, didn't get through. That's it. Is it that big a deal? Do you want me to keep pondering over this?

    Sorry! i chose to pick myself up and try again better next time and that's why i'm setting here.

    Q.) What is your biggest weakness?

    Did anyone tell you that I'm the one looking for a job here? And still, you're expecting that I'll tell you how hyper i get when things aren't getting done or how i just leave things in the middle when i fail after trying them a few times?

    Oh wait, i do have a weakness! Please don't make me work on the nights with a full moon, as i have a tendency to turn into a werewolf sort of a thing!

    Common! Stop spreading such dumbness! I would never tell you my weaknesses only because i have to get this job! ANYHOW!

    So, these are some questions that when asked, can annoy you to the core!

    What, you've a few more to tell us? Do write them in the comments section below.