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  • Facebook decides to add 'share' button to it's mobile site, Finally!

    The 'Share' button on Facebook, that you might have used quite often to share stuff on your Facebook Timeline has now finally made it's way to Facebook's mobile website. The Facebook iOS and Android mobile Apps will soon get this feature too.

    Just as on a desktop, now, the mobile users can too share links, photos, videos, images, etc. by clicking the share button.

    The share button on Facebook is somewhat similar to the re-tweet feature that twitter offers which lets it's users share a particular tweet in their feed.

    According to TechCrunch, Inside Facebook had earlier reported that the share button on it's Facebook's mobile website was a test, but when they contacted Facebook, it confirmed that the new feature was not a test and the Facebook mobile apps on iOS and Android will soon be added with this feature too.

    If you wish to check out the new feature, you can type in your mobile phone's web browser, then log in to your Facebook profile. After you enter your news feed, on each post, you'll notice a share button right next to the Like and Comment buttons, that already exist there.

    The addition of Facebook 'share' button on it's mobile site and apps was long due as it was one of the most requested features by the users.

    Many experts believe that this would clutter the Facebook news feed of the users as sharing post through mobiles would become a lot more easier for the users.