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  • The top 5 reasons why you should buy a high-end smartphone!

    These days, you can see almost everyone walking around with a smartphone in their hands. Since their arrival, smartphones have nearly killed various electronic devices like the alarm clocks, calculators, etc. that we used earlier in our day to day lives.

    But have you ever held back from buying yourself that awesome smartphone only because you think that spending around 30 grands or more for just a phone is not worth it?

    Well, maybe you should think again! Because if you think that your smartphone will be nothing more than a phone to you, it's time we help you to get your facts right!

    Here are the 5 ways in which your smartphone would prove to be much (MUCH!) more than just a phone and even save you some moolah that you might would've spent otherwise.

    1.) A nice camera phone , and you won't have to buy a point and shoot camera again!

    Smartphone cameras have threatened the likes of entry-level point and shoot cameras to say the least! Even the mid range smartphones, now come with a megapixel count of 5MP and above that give you enough features like auto-focus, image stabilization, face detection, etc. which might be offered by an entry-level point and shoot camera.

    To top everything else, this year, Nokia went berserk and launched the Pure View 808 that has a mind boggling 41 megapixel camera. Even a decent point and shoot won't offer you that!

    Well, then there are these other high end smartphones like the iPhone 5, HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 which offer you superb image quality and video recording in High Definition. You even get to upload your images directly to various social networking sites, saving you the hassle of transferring the images to your PC and then uploading them!

    2.) Your old MP3 player out, the new smartphone music player in !

    Smartphones have since long had the capability to play music but many of the users have argued that the music quality on a smartphone cannot match to that of a dedicated music player.

    But of late, there have been devices which offer a music experience which is at par with any of the music players available in the market today .

    Smartphones now come with technologies like Dolby (and SRS) sound which takes the music experience to a completely new level. Almost all the phones from HTC come with Beats Audio these days which is a treat to the ears. Other than that, Sony offers it's walkman quality sound in it's smartphones.

    Thus, rather than spending around Rs.5000 for a decent music player, you can get a nice smartphone that offers you such features.

    3.) Who needs a Car Navigation System when you have smartphone with built-in GPS !

    Gone are the days when you would stop your car to ask for directions. Now, everyone wants a nice Navigation system built in their cars so they that they can travel without the risk of losing their way.

    But, do you really think that spending around 8-10 grands for a Navigation system is worth it, when you can get the same features in a smartphone?

    Well, almost all the smartphones these days have maps with GPS or A-GPS that can provide you with your Navigation needs and that too at a minimal cost.

    Consider Nokia Maps for example, which offers you free lifetime Maps with voice Navigation and even Google maps for that matter, which recently launched it's voice based navigation service in India.

    4.) Dear portable gaming devices, Doomsday's here!

    With the kind of hardware the current breed of high-end smartphones pack under the hood, the end of portable gaming devices such as the PSP's seems near.

    We're talking about quad-core processors here with dedicated graphic engines, up-to 2 Gigs of RAM and HD displays. With such strong power packed beneath, more and more Gaming companies are drawing most of their attention towards the games for various smartphone OS's.

    5.) Smartphones, the best in-car entertainment systems!

    So, you're driving around the city in your car with your friends. Probability is that most of you would be fighting as to who gets to plug the AUX cable in their phones and listen to their favorite tracks!

    Thus, rather than investing in a high-end in car entertainment system, save some bucks and let your smartphone take up the job! That way, you'll have music, videos and even an FM transmitter right at your fingertips!

    Thus, we believe that now you know how much value a nice smartphone can offer! So, make a smart move and do let us no when you end up buying one!