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  • 3,600 iPad Mini's worth $1.5 million stolen from New York's JFK Airport

    The iPad Mini seems to have climbed the popularity charts to such an extent , that now even thieves can't resist to get their hands on them!

    According to the New York Post, last Monday, a couple of crooks managed to steal 3,600 units of the iPad Mini from the JFK Airport in New York. The total value of the stolen shipment is estimated to be $1.5 million.

    It is being said that the two crooks managed to enter the cargo storage area at around Midnight and then, they used the airport's forklift to load a shipment of two pallets containing about 3,600 iPad Mini's into their vehicle.

    However, the airport authorities can take a breather from the fact that out of the total five pallets that arrived, only two of them were stolen and the remaining three were left by the theives at the scene as an airport employ saw the crooks while he was returning from dinner.

    As soon as the employee started to question the crooks, they fled the scene with only two pallets loaded into their truck.

    Authorities also suspect the role of an insider in this theft, as it would have been impossible for the crooks to gain access to the cargo storage area otherwise. Three of the airport employees have now undergone a polygraph test. It is also likely that the employee who challenged the crooks, is one of the three.

    The report in the New York Post said, " The crooks struck shortly before midnight on Monday and used one of the airport’s own forklifts to load two pallets of the tablet computers into a truck, according to law-enforcement sources… They might have gotten more, but the thieves drove off leaving three more pallets of the Apple tablets behind after they were challenged by an airport worker returning from dinner."

    It is being said the the shipment containing the new iPad Mini's had just arrived from China and was slated for distribution in and around the United states.

    With this, one thing is for sure that out of all the people who had ordered the iPad Mini, 3,600 of them might have to wait a little longer now till the stolen ones are recovered or the news ones are shipped from China.

    The new iPad mini range starts from $329 for a 16GB Wi-Fi only version and goes as high as $649 for the 64GB variant that offers Wi-Fi plus 4G connectivity.