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  • Not even a month within it's launch, users already facing issues with Windows Phone 8

    It's not even a month since Microsoft unveiled it's latest smartphone OS, Windows Phone 8 and the users are already reporting issues with it. According to various online reports, early adopters of Windows Phone 8 are reporting random rebooting issues with their hardware and some also them also face serious battery issues.

    The issue seems to be a software one, rather than a hardware issue as the users of both, Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X have reported similar issues, indicating that there's a glitch in the new OS itself.

    Almost all the forums associated with the the devices and the OS like WPCentral, Microsoft, Nokia and HTC's support forums have been flooded with the users of Windows Phone 8 devices who say that their devices are locking up and rebooting randomly without any specific reason.

    Apart from the rebooting issues, the Windows Phone 8 users have also raised their concerns over the battery life of their devices which has left the users fuming.

    According to a report in TechRadar, a Nokia Lumia 920 user ended up bricking his phone, in an attempt to fix the rebooting issue. The user, Brian McBride said, "I thought I'd hard reset my phone and start from scratch to see if I could get better battery life. Now it is stuck on the Nokia splash screen. Resetting it with the buttons only causes a vibrate, the AT&T logo, then back to the Nokia splash screen."

    According to The Verge, another user reports, "I got my HTC 8X on 3 November, and didn't notice any reboots the first few days.

    Since then, reboots have been becoming more frequent five today so far. I seem to remember a similar problem with the original WP7 on my HD7, it was fixed by an update. This needs fixing quickly - the device cannot be relied upon in its current state."

    The new glitches that have surfaced now will not really help Microsoft's cause , which hopes to make it's mark in the smartphone OS space which is currently ruled by Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

    Microsoft surely needs pull up it's socks and find a fix for these issues as soon as pooible, otherwise things would only get difficult for it, once RIM comes out with it's Blackbeery 10 OS early next year.