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  • Students from LPU Jalandhar team up with Maruti to develop a racing car!

    After developing a mobile- operated car, students of Lovely Professional University ( LPU), Jalandhar, will now design a racing car in association with Maruti. Amman Mittal, Corporate Head, LPU, said this to Education Mail during a visit to the India Today Mediaplex in Noida this past week.

    The tie- up with Maruti, Mittal said, will involve students from the Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department. It is one of several vocation- specific initiatives that LPU has launched in the last several months.

    Earlier in June, the university struck a deal with Reliance BIG AIMS for its B. Sc. programme in Animation and Visual Effects Film- Making, which promises to enable artistically inclined students to use the latest technology for creative projects.

    LPU is also shifting its focus to R& D. “ Last decade, we focused on bringing quality education to the university system; now our aim is to bring in quality research into the campus,” Mittal said.

    The university has submitted 32 research project proposals for funding with various national and international agencies such as the Defence Research and Development Organisation ( DRDO), Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO) and the UKIndia Education and Research Initiative. “ Agriculture, Architecture, Biotechnology, Electronics and Pharmaceutical Engineering are some of the research areas that we would like to focus on,” Mittal said.

    Dubbed as one of the country’s largest private universities, LPU has 30,000 students from 26 countries on its sprawling campus.It offers more than 200 diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in various disciplines.

    A unique feature of campus life at LPU is the ‘ scrutiny day’, when students get to see evaluated answer sheets before the final results are declared. “ Handing back answer sheets to all students within 25 days of an examination is a massive logistical challenge,” Mittal said. He added that the exercise significantly reduced any room for grievances once the results are declared. “ Nearly 60 per cent of the students come to campus on the day of scrutiny,” Mittal added.

    And how does the university ensure that all re- evaluation claims are legitimate and not just an exercise to waste time? “ Our experience has been a good teacher,” Mittal said. “ We have been through the learning curve, so the moment someone raises a claim, we know for sure whether it is genuine or not.” LPU is growing up fast, and how!