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  • NIIT University, Rajasthan calls for a greener planet!

    NIIT University’s vast campus in Neemrana, Rajasthan, now has four- legged visitors it has never seen before. Porcupines, for instance, are regulars on the campus that was named the ‘ greenest and most environment- friendly’ at India Today Education Summit held earlier this year.

    The green campus was the showcase at the university’s fourth annual lecture this past Saturday. It earth- air tunnels for a natural ventilation effect and it harvests sunlight through transparent roofs, and both projects act as major energy savers for the university.

    Additionally, NIIT University students have planted a number of trees on a neighbouring hillock named ‘ Kali Pahari’ in an effort to convert it into a ‘ Hari ( green) Pahari’. They have also planted 3,000 trees in the stretch of land surrounding the university using drip irrigation.

    The university, meanwhile, has created a dozen check dams to not only control soil erosion, but also harvest rainwater.

    The second undergraduate hostel on the campus has been designed in a way to envelope a tree, rather than cutting it out of the way. The campus is also ‘ pedestrian only’ to minimise fossil fuel use. These green efforts have not only attracted porcupines, but also various species of nesting birds and a rare local plant named ‘ Jal Pilu’.

    “ The students have a nature lab to themselves, where they get the opportunity to not only give to nature, but also watch it respond to their efforts,” says Rajendra Pawar, chairman and co- founder of NIIT, said. He has been actively involved in the university’s environmental initiatives.“ We must start the reversal of environmental degradation in time,” he said.

    Delivering the annual lecture, Syeda Imam, communications guru and member of the National Commission for Minorities, said: “ It is important for us as a society to be listening and caring towards each other and not wait for the government to listen and care.” The NIIT University chairman and Rajya Sabha MP, Karan Singh, dwelt on issues confronting the country, including the need for electoral reforms. As the first chairman of Project Tiger, he said, he had always supported environmental initiatives.

    He made a case for people to get out of the ‘ me’ mindset and look at the bigger picture. In a short but inspiring message to the assembled students, he said, “ If our generation has made a mess of things, it is up to you to make it better.”

    Students of NIIT University have planted 3,000 trees in the land around the campus using drip irrigation.