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  • Now, a smart bag that will keep your devices charged while you're on the move!

    So, you have a plethora of devices with you while you're going for work or college, be it your smartphone, laptop or even a tablet. We bet if there's once concern surrounding any of these devices, it's that these might run out of battery before the end of the day, right?

    Finding a charging point is not always feasible while you're on the go but you desperately need those devices up and running till you get home. So, what can you do?

    Well, to get you rid of all your charging woes, researchers have come up with a new, "smart bag" called Phorce, that will ensure that your devices never run out of battery whenever you're out of your home!

    Phorce has been integrated with a 54Whr battery, that can be used to charge various devices while they're kept in inside it. The creators claim that on a full charge, the Phorce can charge an iPhone at least 8 times, Android based Samsung Galaxy S3 upto 6 times and the brand new iPad Mini for upto 2.5 times!

    After launch, it would be available in two variants. One, The Phorce for USB, which can be used to charge various mobile devices and it features three USB ports which can simultaneously charge three devices.

    The other variant, called the Phorce for Mac, is specifically designed to provide charging capabilities for the MacBook as it adds a MagSafe cable into it. It is to be noted that if you wish to use the smart bag to charge your new MacBook with a retina display, you need to buy a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter separately.

    The "smart capabilities" of the bag does not only include the fact that it can charge so many of your mobile devices but also the fact that Phorce can even change it's shape to your liking! Yes, it can be converted to either into a backpack, a briefcase or even a shoulder bag!

    The bag can even sync with your Android device or the iPhone via Bluetooth and using the App on your phone, you can check the bag's remaining battery life. Using the same sync capability, you'll be notified on your phone in case you forget your bag somewhere or leave it behind.

    Currently, Phorce is a Kickstarter project and it's creators hope to raise funds of around $150,000 till December 22 this year before start selling this new smart bag which will cost $349, once it goes on sale.