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  • The top 5 tips for success of an Engineering student!

    So, after working so hard for for a couple of years, you finally get admission to the engineering college of your choice, but, what after that?

    During all this time, while your were preparing to get into that favorite college of yours, did you even for once thought about the time when you finally get in there? No, right?

    Knowing, that how you would make your life in the engineering college a success is equally important as working hard to get into one.

    If you're the kind of student who would eat, sleep and drink their career, here are the five most important tips which you can follow to make your engineering life an immensely successful one.

    1.) Take up Projects! And a hell lot of them!

    After college, no employer would ever ask you about the theory you've leant in college, in fact, the first thing they would see is that how much practical experience you have. So, it's important to put the theory you've learnt into the practice and the best way to do it during college life, is to take up projects.

    It is a slo a known fact, that you retain your knowledge better, if you have applied it to practical use.

    Thus, it is very, very important to indulge yourself in all the practical stuff you can and that way, at the time you sit for a job interview, you'll have much more to show the company, than just your courses!

    2.) Teamwork!

    Always remember that no matter wherever you are and whichever company you work for, you'll always be working with a group of people to achieve your target.

    So, try and enhance your team working skills because throughout your life, you'll need to work in teams and if you start working on it right now, you'll potentially develop the skills of a team leader, by the time you pass out of college.

    3.) Accept your weaknesses, work to over-come them!

    Nobody's perfect, Perfection is an ever improving phase. Period.

    But, should you be disappointed with this fact? Hell no! Infact, just work upon your flaws in order to overome them.

    Whenever you're working with other people, always try and get feedback from your colleagues, be it your fellow students, professors or even your employers. If you know how people feel about you and your work, you'll be able to improve your skills based on their feedback.

    Also, it is very important for you to understand that for a successful career, you need to accept criticism at times too.

    4.) Summer Internships: Never take them lightly!

    A good summer internship is the best way to enhance your practical skills.

    Though, many of your friends would not do so. They'd take up some internship that'll just give them a training certificate and that's it. Here, we have just one advice for you, Stay away from them!

    You should know that at the time of placements, employers would pay a deal of attention over your practical work and specially, the work you end up doing in your summer internship.

    So when the time comes, select the best summer internship option at hand which you think would be a great advantage to your professional career.

    5.) Develop Networking and Management skills!

    It is very important for a college student to maintain links with his seniors and other people in his field. This will come in handy at various points in life like finding a summer internship and also, when you're ready to take up a job.

    A great way to meet people is attending the guest lectures/ technical conferences in your campus and introducing yourself to the speakers. Then, keep in touch with them via various Social Networking websites and it'll surely be of a great advantage to you in the long run.

    Also, developing your management skills is quite important too because being technically sound is just not enough in today's world. Remember that tomorrow, you'll be a team-leader and would be your responsibility to manage the people who work with you. And to be successful entrepreneur, you do need to know the tricks of the trade!

    We advice every engineering student to follow these tips so that they're ready to face the challenges which the real world offers!