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  • No Online counselling for IIT's from 2013

    The new two tier exam isn't going to be the only change for the candidates applying for JEE 2013. Other than the the new exam format, all the IIT's across India have unanimously decided to do away with the online counseling from 2013.

    From next year, all the selected candidates will have to go to the IIT of their choice personally, to secure a seat in the prestigious institute.

    The decision comes after two students managed to forge their way to grab seats in the premier institute. Out of the two students, one boy managed to get into IIT- Bhubaneshwar while a girl managed to enter in ISM- Dhanbad .

    The two students who didn't even clear the entrance examination, managed to enter the institute by acquiring admit cards of successful candidates and then, digitally doctoring them to get admission in the college.

    The girl accused of using fraudulent means to secure admission to ISM Dhanbad, had bought the other candidate's scores, and then digitally doctored the photographs but was caught by the institute's authorities when they found compared her to photographs available with them. The authorities claim that the girl was caught during the admission process itself.

    The boy from IIT- Bhubaneshwar also fled the campus after being questioned by the authorities about his identity.

    It is feared that there might be a well-organized racket that enables such students to gain admission into various IIT's across India and it might be a possibility that some other students might also have gained admission by these means.

    In an interview to the Times of India, H C Gupta, organizing chairman of 2013 JEE (Advanced) said, " Online counselling is one of the factors facilitating such incidents. Students will only be allowed to fill the options online, and will have physical counselling at the seven IITs. Unless the candidate comes in person we cannot identify fake students."

    From next year, the selected students would need to be physically present and attend the four-day counseling process to secure their seat in the IIT of their choice. For the seats which remain vacant after the first round of counseling, there'll be another two-day long physical counseling session. There is also provision for a third, one-day physical counseling session to fill the remaining seats.

    "Unless we verify identities physically, we get into all kinds of trouble with people trying to cheat the system. It's better to spend seven days to verify IDs," Gupta added.

    The IIT's had introduced online counseling in 2010, aiming to make the admission process easier and simpler for students and saving them the pain of traveling to various IIT's and attend the counseling sessions.

    But, it now seems that the three year old process is vulnerable to misuse, as discovered by the authorities this year. If any other student has also gained admission through such means, remains to be seen.