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  • 6 tips to crack semester exams without any backlog!

    College is the greatest time in our life, but only if we don't screw it up. It's meant to be a whole different scenario of life, while permanently improvising our perception and the rest of our existence.

    Engineering colleges in India have a 4-5 months semester schedule in which internal exams are held every month or after 3 fortnights. Also there's the dreaded end-semester exam waiting for us before we head off to the heavenly holidays! Let us have a look at the top 7 tips to ensure that you are able to clear your end semesters without any hiccups:

    TIP 1 - Friend’s with benefits

    There are students who never miss any of the classes even if the world’s about to get over the very next moment. To cut the stretch, just be friends with them. They’ll help you with all the study materials, notes etc. Lastly, even if you haven’t attended any of your lectures and “letters seems to dance” need not to worry call up your friend and go to his/her place to study; consider him/her your mentor for the time being.

    TIP 2 - The girl power

    Obviously, there are girls who’ve the ultimate power to dig a hole and throw you rite in or help you come out of it. Male professors in our college pay some serious attention to the girls in our classroom neglecting boys to dime. Act smart, just keep touch with the smartest girls, because they can help you sneak in the prof’s cabin and get the papers beforehand. And even if it isn’t possible they can for sure provide you with some important questions.

    TIP 3 - "Get some sleep prior to the day of examination"

    Thirdly, don’t go on throughout the night studying just before the day of exam. We might have heard it a million of times from our mothers. But the point behind the stretch is, our mind goes blank as soon as we leave our books and enter the examination hall. All of a sudden, every answer that was previously known mysteriously becomes a riddle, hard to unravel. It happens because the mind is over-stressed, over-worked without letting any back-calculation for the mind to do on its own.

    TIP 4 - Calculators - The Saviour

    It is always advisable to keep calculators with you while preparing and appearing for an examination. It not only helps you cut short the lengthy mind boggling addition, subtraction but one can even make use of it backside to jolt down few important points! Calculators with memories can even store equations etc. Just learn how to use it efficiently, it can work wonders.

    TIP 5 - Hook up with books!

    One has to hook up with books during semesters. Preparing a schedule for yourself can help you out a lot during the final moments. Just take down the key element of the whole answer/topic in a separate book to refer before going into the exam hall. That way you have a clear view of the whole picture of what all you read and studied and prepared.

    TIP 6 - Don't Panic, Stay Positive

    Finally, having self confidence in what we've studied is the most important aspect. There's some magic in this attitude. People who don't panic perform much better than those who panic a lot. Panic creates a space of its own in the mind and doesn't let our thoughts to gain foothold over our mind. So please don't panic and become nervous. Be calm and composed, it will definitely work wonders!

    Hope these points, will help you out performing better this semester and yes without a Backlog!!