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  • How to propose the girl of your dreams & get a sure-shot YES!

    All of us out there, have been in those times when we want to propose a girl, but most of the time either we chicken out or we end up doing it in a lousy manner! Itís not easy for a guy because the mere possibility of getting rejected crumbles him inside and puts an uncalled for pressure on him.

    When it comes to proposing an Indian girl, there are a lot of factors that one has to keep in mind. Here are some important pointers that you should never miss while proposing the girl of your dreams:

    Be Friends First!

    The most important thing to be kept in mind is that the beginning of any relationship is laid on the grounds of friendship. Well if you aren't friends with her means that you don't know her intensely and she will not be confident about "how much she trusts you? So, give her some time, show your care and spend time with her. To cut the stretch, try and build her confidence before proposing.

    Avoid Wrong Timings

    Well this is crucial, if u remember back in school days we wait for daddy to be in a peaceful mood to sign over our under-rated annual score-card. Situation here is not that amateurish but you need to observe the mood of the girl you are going to propose. If she's in a bad mood then donít propose her. To suffer for no reason just because of wrong timing isn't a wise manís call. Keep giving her subtle hints; it will help in creating a good platform before you actually propose her.

    On your knees

    This maybe one of the oldest ways to ask out a girl, but over the time this very gesture has produced a lot of winners. Make her feel special like a princess. Being "Chivalrous" is the secret to any girl's heart. A red rose will be the icing on the cake and is a must.

    Make her Nostalgic

    Take a trip down the memory lane. Take her to the place where you have met each other for the first time. You can even recreate the first day to pop your question. She will feel special by just knowing how much you actually remember about her. This will move her and at the same time would seal the moment in her memory.

    Go loud but beware!

    Insanity in your attitude and approach could be appreciated but make sure that any of your actions shouldn't frighten or make her feel awkward. If you are sure of your feelings for her then make it a public knowledge. We know that love is a special feeling but proposing in public may even earn you a big round of applause. This will indeed make her feel special. Also, when proposed in public she is less likely to say no to you.

    Propose on a special day

    Is it her birthday? Or, is the graduation day nearing? You can plan to propose her on a special day. If it is her birthday, be the first one to greet her and eventually pop your question. She would clearly see how special she is for you. You can also plan a party or a movie date on that day to make it a complete experience for her. If you are finding it hard to decide for a special day, you can safely choose Valentineís Day for that purpose. On this date nothing can go wrong since it is the day of love. You can propose her simply with a bunch of red roses or heart shaped balloons.

    Surprise her:

    No matter how old is she; no girl can help feeling thrilled on receiving a surprise gift. Nothing is most romantic than proposing your girl with a solitaire engagement ring. Make her discover the ring at the most unexpected moment. However, you donít have to go overboard with the surprise gift. You can also keep it simple by gifting her flowers or chocolates. If she truly loves you she will understand the feelings behind it and wouldnít judge the gift on it monetary value.

    Play it sensibly, dramatically, filmy!!

    Girls always admire Shahrukh & Kajol style romance. And they even wish to be proposed in a Bollywood kind of style. Acting appropriately is very important. If she's upfront, bold, your style of proposing would be better-off being quick and blunt about it. If she is the sporty types, it would be better if you propose going out on a small adventure trip as a part of the proposal or initiate the conversation with how you have always wanted to try rock climbing.

    Try and be as much expressive as you can. Show how much you want her. Guys basically doesn't turn out to be the best of singers but singing a song for her, the one she likes the most would be great.

    Tackling the Post-Proposal Moments/Period

    Let us assume the positive outcome of your proposal. Even then, it is not necessary that she outrightly says, yes. Most Indian women still carry a bit of coyness that makes them so unique. Her approval might be in the form of blinking her eyes and smiling. If she is the waiting type or wants to play the hard-to-get sort of games, she might tell you to wait for her phone call. The ideal way to handle the outcome of your proposal to an Indian girl is to give her time and not force the issue.

    Donít seek immediate answers. Donít pressurize her into being very clear about her response. You need to understand that she might need a few moments to recollect herself. Yes, being spontaneous about the entire thing would be ideal but it isn't bound to happen with every girl. So, allow her the liberty to handle things the way she wants.

    Donít call her and ask for her impending answer. After having proposed to her, take a back step and allow fate to take its own course. Donít approach the proposal with any fixed notions in your head, it is better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and hope for her immediate acceptance.