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  • 10 Ways to get over a bad Break-up!

    Grieving over a lost relationship is understandable, but to be able to understand the enigma of that relationship is crucial. To get over a broken heart is the most painful relationship experiences because it somehow triggers all sort of painful and unsettling feelings, but yeah there are a number of things one can do to get through this crucial time.

    The Secret to get over lies in the mantra —“Your life doesn't end when your relationship ends”. Here we have few tips for you if you've undergone a bad break-up!!

    Bear it with a smirk!!

    What should you do right after a breakup? That's the biggie, but one should try to understand it might be a bit stormy for a while. So buy a huge box of tissues. It's not at all sick to cry, it kind of relieves the pain to an extent. You're going through a rough time, but you need to accept the relationship is over.

    List your Qualities

    The most important thing is to discover your self-confidence. Perhaps the most important part of reinventing yourself is discovering who you are as an individual. Sometimes break-up end up on gross note and you'll take a lot to your heart. However, if you discover who you truly are, these hurtful phrases will soon fade away.

    Avoid using your Cell

    Put down your cell phone. "Never call your ex. Don't try to get back together. The worst thing is to get into a negative pattern of communication while trying to convince her over because you'll end up getting off the phone upset or enraged. You're just re-opening the wound.

    Go out, Get going and have fun

    There are things that you like to do, but since you were busy carrying shopping bags of your girlfriend and going out for boring dinners with her friends, you might have either compromised or even forgotten what you actually wish to do? When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you may feel lost after a break-up. This is because you probably are so used to living as a couple. However, finding out what you like seems to be a quest, but is the most exciting part of reinventing yourself. Go to the movies, a sports event, bowling, anything! Just get out there and try it all. The world is your oyster.


    Once in a relationship, there are possibilities of losing focus on your career and getting off the track. But after you deal with your initial feelings, it's time to transform your life in next 6 to 18 months after the split. Get back to you work with a new perspective and “want to grow attitude”! This will not only increase your proficiency, but will also divert your attention to something fruitful and worthwhile.

    Change only for yourself!!

    Change yourself for something good, be happy with what you are as an individual. Don’t change simply to make your ex jealous, or because you think you aren’t a beautiful person. One has to be unique, that's it everything falls back right away. Accept this about yourself and only change what you feel is necessary to make you happy.

    Take care of yourself

    Take care of yourself physically, making sure you exercise, eat healthy and does not consume alcohol or anti-depressants. Being involved in rigorous activities daily, helps you keep energized and charged up.

    Don’t bad-mouth

    It may be difficult for you, but bad-mouthing your ex is not a man thing. It makes you sound stupid for marring/staying with her in the first place. Instead of going on and on about your ex, talk about other things when your being accompanied by friends etc.

    Don't date, Immediately

    It is important to figure out what went wrong in due course of time with your previous relationship. You need time to acknowledge what kind of relationship you are looking forward to, effectively with what kind of a person. Prepare yourself well before going out and date or you may end up suffering.

    Keep faith

    Keeping faith is the silent key for anyone who wants to get over a bad- bad breakup!! Never loose hope, every day is a new challenge, just find a reason to be hopeful. Your life doesn't end when your relationship ends