IELTS entry criteria:
For Diploma and Certificate Programs: Overall 6.0 no band below 6.0 in each modules
For PG Programs: Overall 6.5 no band below 6.0 in each modules
Application fee: Waived off

Important Notes:
Ø  IELTS : TRF is mandatory at the time of application. Applications without IELTS TRF will be REJECTED and not reconsidered again. IELTS online scores are not accepted. No other English language scores are accepted.
Ø  Conditional Offer Letters: Conditional offer will be issued only for a pending last semester mark sheet(s) (and/or degree) or a Grade 12th (equivalent) mark sheet.
Ø  Agent Change Requests: Fanshawe will NOT be accepting any change of agent requests. If a student’s visa application (paid for Fanshawe College) is declined and then the student wants to change agents – that will be the only circumstance in which an agent change request may be accepted 
Ø Program Change Requests: Once an offer letter (conditional/Unconditional) is issued for a student, students cannot apply for a change of program. If an application is rejected OR a program is closed for more offers, students can request a change of program at that time – however, these students will not be on any sort of priority and other students who have applied for the programs will still be considered first. Please ensure that you make applications for the program a student is actually interested in and wants to pursue.