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what to do with just Rs.50/- ?

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In these days of inflation,where minimum of Rs.100 is needed for labour to lead his life,you may wonder what I'm trying to,let me make it clear.This post is not actually meant for leading a day with Rs.50/-.But to give you confidence and idea that even Rs.50 can become Rs.500 and then Rs.5000 and so on if you are innovative enough to manage it well.Through out the article I introduce some favourable situations which may be a pure coincident.
The day I get Rs.50,my first priority is to buy a newspaper.The reason is simple.You can pass the day,gain information,find a job, use the advertising pamphlets as a rough page to plan your activities,use it as a blanket and at last as a toilet paper.You can see how a simple and cheap item can be used in different ways.The normal newspaper will cost Rs.3.50.So,now I am left with Rs.46.50.As a refreshment,I use 50 paise to buy a chocolate.Now I have net Rs.46.Out of which I spend Rs.10 on buying a note book and Rs.3.00 a pen.I've Rs.33 in my pocket.I use Rs.10 to buy some biscuits and find a tap to drink water.
In the morning,I go to the park.Why park?.Because in the park you can find senior citizens exercising,jogging and walking.So, I give a demonstration of Yoga there and tell them that they can become the member of my camp by paying Rs.100 for a month and get benefits of learning Yoga and also a free newspaper every day.I use the note book and pen to enter the details of the member.I hope that I get at-least four to five members and with this I spend my Rs.50 effectively.
This is not the only way to effectively use the money but one of the infinite ways.

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  1. Sakshi Dutta's Avatar
    [MENTION=9192]sciengprof[/MENTION]- hmm..interesting blog post. So is this what you did when you got your first rupee 50 note??
  2. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    so u still have 23!! :o :p
  3. goswami kumar's Avatar
    i think you are experienced over this. but this indeed is the good deed.
  4. Vinay Mehta's Avatar
    rofl .......HATZ OFF FO THIZ POST !!