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innovations infinite

short poems out of my inspiration.

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You might have read poems of great poets,who made their existence from it.But I'm not that possessional.I just write it out of my experience and excitement.
These are the samples of my selected poems.I wish you will enjoy it.Any comment regarding the improvement of my poeting skills are gladly welcomed.
To make it interesting ,I introduce the reason and the timing of writing the poem,because I know the meaning and the reason,but you don't.
I wrote this poem when I saw a small boy throwing a stone over a piglet in front of it's mother pig.The piglet fell into the gutter and the mother pig was in a helpless situation.

There was a pig and it's piglet
which were as dear as my pet.

But there came a boy with a stone,
looking like a monster.
The pig over came the stone
with it's harsh tone.
But there came a disaster;
The piglet fell into the hole,
breaking its bone.

Words of Motivation :

The stone has no tone,
but has a strength of a bone.
This is the time where we can shine,
But,if God refuses,there will their crime.
Don't cry,don't lie;
But never forget to try

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  1. Saumya's Avatar
    @ sciengprof- really nice and a heart-warming scenario..please share all your writings..i am sure they will be nice to read as well..

  2. Puneeth Leader's Avatar
    Nice one . Share all your poems .
  3. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    piglet fell into hole
    breaking its bone.. lol :p
  4. DeniseBennett's Avatar
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