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What is religion? Everyone knows it, yet do not know...

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Is it about "God" or is it about offering prayers or is it about karma-dharma thing?

I was always curious about these things as I grew up in a family where there r people who do 2-3 hr of puja and yet they do exactly the opposite of what they just prayed for, so in a way I was lucky to know whatís wrong before I realized whatís correct. Most of the thing which m gonna say itís just simple old stuff but in a new package so that even the "Coolest" people can understand.

According to me religion itself is a false thing, every one (saints) talks about god being universal but then y do they pray in front of the same statue and never worship or even think about other religion's god? And does worshiping a statue would actually give u Moksha?? Had the same sand/mud been used for construction of a public toilet, would u bow in front of that?

Ok so letís say u donít believe in these things but u believe in god and pray to it very often, but does that help too ? is there really someone out there to help u ?

In earlier times people were emotionally weak and hence they need something to hold on to, so they invented the term God, and told stories about people of that time who were actually pure at heart, made normal and good human beings into GOD, but y were Ďtheyí chosen ? bcoz they realized that the real GOD is nowhere else but in themselves, even they used to pray but in a different fashion, itís the karma u do defines the strength of ur prayer. Always remember there is no fixed recipe to get the best like there is no fixed method to impress a girl, in the same way there is no fixed method to do the right karma. A Soldierís karma is to kill and a teacher's karma is to teach both will get the same benefit out of it though they are completely different, and thatís the beauty of it, and hence there is no fixed prayer or method to impress a god. The image of GOD became so materialistic that the people forgot the true sense of it, they became so devoted to that image that they didnít even look beyond it and sang prayers of which they hardly understood the words they were speaking.

The most important thing is y do you want to impress a god? u r living with it right ?? There is no GOD to punish u even if u have done something wrong. Now here is the best part. No matter how much u love what u do but there would always be some part in you deep inside which would always point to the right direction and if u are not in line with it, it will always pinch you. Believe me! Itís that guilt inside u that no matter how much you try to overcome it with all the materialistic pleasure it will always be there, and some day or the other u Ďwillí realize it. So u need not do any prayer but live an "IDEAL" life. This is something which each one of us in our own daily routine should try and achieve. This should be the goal, of realizing our true self, and although by this time u must have thought about closing this blog but try it for 1 week and I promise u wonít be able to do it. There is one more rule; anything which is great is always simple, but to be simple is the toughest part, and amazingly the simplest too.

This is where "meditation" comes in. Itís not about few "un"cool guys sitting as if they donít have nething else in this world to do, but itís about stabilizing ur mind like a drunk person taking support of a person to walk straight and this is that support which will make you stand firmly and see the world in its nascent form. M not gonna brag about it but the fact that all the forms of meditations itself are like different religion some follow heart, some mind or some object or person, but all of them like religion talk about one universal god and that is "USĒ. There is no god, there is only us. Itís our courage that defines our destiny, it is our belief in ourselves which decides our future and most importantly itís our karma which defines that we are GOD. So remember you have only one life and make sure u make the right choice so that when u look back there shouldnít be any Ďguiltí and u become one with ĎGODí.
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  1. jaseena's Avatar
    You have done a good job here...... But personally I cant agree with you.... Human is a wonderful creation,so there should be a mastermind behind it... Another fact, if there exist a little bit of goodness anywhere, its just because of the respect that atleast some people have, towards the great GOD ...
  2. Puneeth Leader's Avatar
    hai,there are lot of things were human can't explain .so,he satisfy himself by saying "GOD" created this .GOD is a belief of soo many questions .Believing r not belongs state of minds.
  3. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    "According to me religion itself is a false thing"
  4. manukadali's Avatar
    In earlier days man himself created god and propagated about his powers saying that he will punish for sins done by the human in order to control us .. because of that strong belief humans were in control
    but now system has changed and every one is educated that doesnt mean we dont need god , the name god will give us unknown spirit and courage .worshipping of god is not wrong but saying that our god is great is wrong . every one has their right to worship their own god .but in real their is only one god which is inside us he will come out when we do the right things which is not possible in todays world.
    doing yoga and meditation will gives you peacefulness which is necessary to us if not we will become like machines we invented , meditation takes us to the spiritual world which leads to right pattern of living
    Finally what i am saying is pray god in heart and believe in him ,dont fought for religions and get updated with technological world as we are living in computerised world.
  5. bratanmol's Avatar
    There is no religion but religiousness; there is no god but godliness...have you tried meditation or just bragging about it?
  6. Kratika Singh's Avatar
    religion is nothing.............its ur belif..........
    wat u beliv, follow n accept.....
    its ur way 2 connect.....wid wat u call GOD/ supreme power.
    n living in india............among all those XYZ religions just remember its a way/path......4 a coonection.......
    n very well knw wid whom....!!!!!!!
    tc,god bless u:-)
  7. atulsinghmothi's Avatar
    religion is not a point to b blamed. its us that we take it in opp. way........... its just a tradition for satisfaction of mass with different point of viewsssss.......
  8. s07's Avatar
    yeh i too agree about the fact that god does not exist.....It was just a imaginary ideal character set by our ancestors just to fool our coward heart....