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Differences in process of manufacturing top class sports cars by different companies.

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First we will talk about Lamborghini-
Lamborghini doesent use any metal or alloy to build its body. It uses Carbon Fibre which the company thinks would be very light and hard. The whole Lamborghini car is made only with hand including moving the car from one workplace to other. The company thinks that the perfection in the output product can only be acheived by manual work.
ferrari has a wide wide difference in their manfacturing compared to other cars. Unlike many other companies, ferrari do not import engine parts and engine body from other engineering companies..It just prepares it's own sand moulds for each and every engine ad pours raw molten metal into the moulds and prepares the engine main body. next, it prepares all the required 823 small engine parts there itself inside the company with lathes, drilling machines and computerized laser cutters. this whole work is carried out in an eco-friendly unit. the anti -corrosive paint coated with body is said to be the best of all of the other cars and ferrari did not tell the formula involved in the coating process. Ferrari cars only get their logo only after test drive is completed.
Porsche is a car manufacturing company which mainly thinks that a good sport car should have a lot of comfortability in handling. so it doesn't use V-12 engine. It uses a flat 6 cylinder engine. The company says that by using so, the center of gravity lowers and the handling is improved. The Porsche cars also have a spoilers in the shape of an Aeroplane wing attached reverse which makes the car push towards the ground and the car doesn't fly off and handling is thus improved.


  1. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    nice info.
    i have all the three in my garage! (nfs lol) :p
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    Even modern Audi cars need this . Check it out
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