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A Discussion With Me!

Is there any love lost??

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Years back...i used to write...write poems on LOVE n PAIN.Then slowly, i

realized that its useless.Bcoz the thoughts,the philosophy, the feelings

within me cannt be interpreted.Such things are a waste.Exist only in

books,movies n stories.N this is the most BITTER fact.Those who have

never tasted the truth,will say "NO,THERE IS LOVE"......Offcourse,it

is.There is LOVE,but not in the way we think.I never wanted to write all

these things here,but atlast m helpless.These thoughts will kill me,if i

keep thinking alone .Is there any thing called FRIENDSHIP ?? Where ??

Where can u get friends,who are just ur well-wisher....I started my life

with words -PIOUS,SIMPLICITY,LOVE N FORGIVENESS.The world changed those

sets to - LUST,MONEY N POWER.Why these boundaries of

religions,caste,money,ethnicity etc ?? Cannt we see the 1 SUN shining for

all of us,on the sky ?? Cannt we find the same color of WATER for all

mankind ?? Then why, why we live n hurt others , for little gains ?
Why this world is crazy about sex n money ?? EVERYWHERE , the ****in

craziness same ****s i find....Moreover, the term GOD....ha ha. He loves

us no doubt...but then how come he be so careless...or i think that

humans dont have brain to understand his philosophy n his love ...Right

?? Its a world , where u have to testify ur faith. Then he will reward u

on the day of judgement.I m made to realise again n again, that there is

a DESTINY.Destiny of even a STONE which was created millions of years

back.So have we,But when we have destiny,when everything is pre-declared

about every man , throughout his life, whats the use of HUMAN-EFFORTS.Why

dont every humna is told his destiny , n un necessary desires b removed

from his heart.So he can only think those things which are accessible to

him.But its not like that, our HEARTS n BRAINS are stuffed with desires

and the world is stuffed,with those real things which our senses can

percieve n sense their taste.Can we ever change our destiny ?? Many WOULD


biGGest CRAP, i have ever heard n seen.Such people must study

meta-physics n Higher-Physics and all religions too, to understand that

there is s DESTINY for every second n position of every MAN.I appreciate

the concept of MATRIX movie....but just discovery of any concept is

useless,until smthing fruitful can b implented.N why do i wrote all these

things here.Bcoz i dont find people who can understand or have time to

think n see the world around.All busy in show-offs and mad rat race about

money n material gains.This is a brief discussion with myself,so that i

can feel relief after i spill out all poison, which i carry in my heart

about this world n this M****f***** society. Where can i find a world n

atleast 1 person , who thinks like me....Or i am a MAD,who should be

behind bars...: ???
Tags: love, sex
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  1. konvict1947's Avatar
    hay mam if u hv a love prob ( TRUE) den i can feel it bkz same here ... it changes everything ( i feel ) . it just sucks ur life ( i feel it ) , i is one , no1 can define d situation ( i feel it ) ... doest blame GOd ... no 1 is present like god .....but just faith a true power which exist .. love is a fuk .. in simple words ......... " time is d medicine of all problems .. love too" .......if it happened early 2 u den it takes some time but evry thing gonna be all right ... ( if ur in serious prob den just believe me frnd after 3-4 months u will be fine but wid a set of memories ( of ur loved 1) )...these memories will make u 2 cry every day but just 1 thing ...... "u r not alone crying for this " evry one is ..." .this will give u a relief when ur thinking dat ur MR. LONELY ......enjoy life dude .....
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