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Laptop Rankings : 2010

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The Year which saw the rise of some amazing notebooks has finally ended. The Competition is hardcore. Around 170 significant notebooks were born in this year. Some Brands excelled in Designs whereas some Were awesome in providing customer services. Some were Innovative while some delivered better Performance. And Its no Surprise that Apple was selected as the Best Laptop Brand 2010. The Following are the ratings according to LaptopMag , one of the leading technological magazines.










Those are the Top 9 Brands as chosen By LaptopMag. So the Next time you go to buy a laptop, Get the best ! :Laie_75A:


  1. Sakshi Dutta's Avatar
    Nice one PsP..will help many who want to buy a new lappy..
  2. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
  3. aaron's Avatar
    good laptop Rankings.
  4. shivam's Avatar
    nice job....
  5. PsP's Avatar
    Thank You Thank You ;D
  6. boxer56's Avatar
    These kinds of Ranking are not satisfactory..
    In the December edition of Famous " CHIP " magazine... they have Ranked " Dell " as no.1 Brand for Laptops and netbooks.. But here it is at 8th.. so cant believe anyone
  7. PsP's Avatar
    True..But CHIP Magazine is limited to India only. In India, Dell is indeed the top. But On worldwide basis, Its Apple followed by others.
  8. munish's Avatar
    IS this Ranking True....????
  9. PsP's Avatar
    Yes of course...
  10. fmooeks's Avatar
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    Updated 1st November 2020 at 05:18 PM by fmooeks