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A Simple Tweak for your Symbian[s60] Device

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Okay. So most of us must be having a Nokia cellphone operating in Symbian s60 OS. If not, I am afraid this post wont help you

So, there is a simple tweak I read in a magazine a while ago. Its an easter egg in s60 platform. It will help to speed up your device. Some of you might have tried it before, But nonetheless I thought about sharing it with all of you. Following are the simple steps : -

1. In your Phone's Time and Date settings, change the date to 01.05.2005

2. Now go to your Calender application and create to new To-Do's (in Options) with following specifications :

a: Subject : Speed
Due date : 04.08.2005
Priority : High

b: Subject : Quokie
Due date : 04.08.2005
Priority : Low

3. Confirm both the To-do's with "Done"

4. Next go to Options > To-Do View, mark "Speed" as done, then mark "Quokie" as done.

5. Now close the calender application and change back the date to your current date.

You are done!! ^^

I, personally, suggest you do a few more things before trying out this tweak.

A. Update your phone software.

B. Delete all unnecessary sms, photos, music files and useless apps that may have accumulated over time. [If you are too hesitant to delete your sms collection back it up in your computer]

C. if You are using Internet in your cellphone, Please DELETE THE COOKIES AND TEMP FILES. They eat away your space exponentially. Use some cleaning software. NetQin can help you in this.

In Short words, the tidier you keep your cellphone ,the better the tweak will work. ^^

After doing the above, You can try the tweak. Absolutely No Side-Effects.

Lots of people have tried this already and effects are varied. Some report uptp 4X speeds while some detect marginal improvements. I, myself, got good results[Even though My cellphone is full of music and photos].

On an ending note, I will say its worth a try. :Rulezzz_09:
Tags: fast, s60


  1. FaaDoO-Engineer's Avatar
    That's an old one PsP..but worth sharing..thanks
  2. PsP's Avatar
    .. :] Np ^^
  3. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    kewl...! Dude..
    never knew dis.. :o
  4. raghu's Avatar
    i will surely try this ,but being an soft-eng.,,i dn't feel that it would b benificial..
    but any ways i will try....