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Steiner chain :: Picture Of The Month..

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A Steiner Chain is a set of n circles, all of which are tangent to two given non-intersecting circles, where n is finite and each circle in the chain is tangent to the previous and next circles in the chain. In the usual closed Steiner chains, the first and last circles are also tangent to each other; by contrast, in open Steiner chains, they need not be. The given circles do not intersect, but otherwise are unconstrained; the smaller circle may lie completely inside or outside of the larger circle. In these cases, the centers of Steiner-chain circles lie on an ellipse or a heyperbola, respectively. Facebook

Updated 3rd December 2011 at 09:55 PM by mihir23192



  1. minhaj's Avatar
    well don't understand in what way n is finite??