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Camcorder Sentenced to 2 Months Jail Time

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The cam pirate Samuel Arnold, Jr. was using spy glasses with a hidden camera to record movies without the rights owner’s permission while the films were still shown in the theaters.

Samuel Arnold, Jr. from Chicago, Illinois, has actually gotten off pretty easy with receiving just 2 months of jail time for unauthorized recording the film “Easy A” while the movie was still demonstrated in the theaters.

In attempts to get the prize of the best camcorder, Samuel Arnold used spy glasses with built-in hidden camera in order to record the film, and apparently not just one. Unlike the other challengers, he didn’t use the standard bulky camera. The only problem was that Samuel Arnold, Jr. has posted this film, as well as the others, to online service which was making the films available for a charge. This made the individual a commercial pirate. In other words, the allegations were that Arnold was profiting from his illegal activity, according to Charles Pelkie, a spokesperson for the Will County state’s attorney’s office.

The Motion Picture Association of America identified the camcorder through his IP address. Then the outfit notified the movie theater he often visited and asked to be on the lookout for Arnold. Finally, when the guy showed up at the premier of the “Easy A” movie with his smart glasses, the theater alerted both the Motion Picture Association of America and police.

Meanwhile, the punishment for this crime has varied over the last years. For example, last year Timothy Epifan from Manville, Connecticut, pled guilty to camrecording “Bruno”. The court decided he should be sentenced to 6 months in prison and 75 hours of community service. Another example is Robert L. Henderson from Grandview, Mo., who was sent to jail for as long as two years, along with the order to pay around $25,000 in damages for unauthorized recording of the movie “The Dark Knight.”
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