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How to put G.O.Dís or arcade games on a DVD to play (works on retail!)

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This is for the people who donít have a big HDD
Things you will need for this.
A Computer (duh)
A Xbox 360 (duh again)
a xbox G.O.D either one you have downloaded or your own you put on your computer.
a ISO program I use ultra ISO but theres free ones out there.
DVD R+ DL or DVD +R most will not fit onto a DVD R+ but some will.

Once you have everything needed

1.Open up your ISO program and make a folder called Content (the C most be in cap)
2.Now inside that folder make one called 0000000000000000 (16 zeros)
3.Once you have done that you will put the G.O.D or arcade game in here ex: Lego rock band folder is named 575207F0 this is the game so put it in the 0000000000000000 folder same as a arcade game.
4.Now make it a ISO
5.When itís finished put in your DVD and burn the ISO you just made.(make sure you open the just made ISO, (if itís your own paid for G.O.D or arcade game skip to step 7)
6.Now you most put the gamertag that came with the G.O.D or arcade game on the HDD
7.Now when you put the disk into your Xbox you most go to Game library to start the game.

if u have been haveing trouble doing this it my be ur iso program i found a free iso one that will work its called DOISO. so download that one i know it works.


  1. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Very much nice..thank you..


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