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Kuldeep Singh Bharati

Sparkle Calibre - The latest competition to Nvidia

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Sparkle company announced two new graphics families Calibre: X550 Ti DF and H520, built on the basis of video NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 and GT 520 Ti, respectively. Both models differ from the standard design of recycled cooling system, and more productive model also operates at higher frequencies relative to the reference.
Cooling System Calibre X550 Ti DF includes two fans, a pair of heat pipes and aluminum radiator. The manufacturer does not mean frequencies directly, but indicates that the performance of Calibre X550 Ti DF in 3DMark 11 and 12% higher than the benchmark. In the configuration of the 3D-accelerator includes 192 core CUDA, 1 GB of GDDR5 memory and 192-bit bus word length, 32 texture units and 24 ROP.
Sparkle Calibre X520 focuses on the use of computers belonging to the home theater. However, as a reference. However, the latter product is different cooling solutions using proprietary under the name Cool Pro, which acts as a central element of ball bearing fan, noise is at a maximum speed not exceeding 28 dB. Video card frequencies are not specified, but they are likely to correspond to the standard NVIDIA, but the memory doubled up to 2 GB, also reported that in the construction of video uses only solid capacitors. In the configuration GeForce GT 520, remember, 48 stream processors, 8 texture units and 64-bit memory bus.
Sparkle while not disclose the cost and timing the start of sales of new products.