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DVD to MP4 converter for Mac tutorial

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The following guide will show you how one DVD to MP4 video or audio on your Mac with DVD to MP4 converter for Mac convert. Download and install DVD to MP4 converter for Mac please. Follow the following step by step guide, your DVD to iPod, iPhone, PSP or other portable media player compatible MP4 format on your Mac convert.
First run DVD to MP4 converter for Mac.
Step 1: Add the DVD
Insert a DVD, click on the button “Open DVD”, and select the inserted DVD in the dialog box to download DVD. Details of the loaded DVD, chapter, title, etc, are displayed in the file list.
Or click on the “Open DVD” on the drop down button, select “Another folder”, a DVD folder in the file dialog box, select to load DVD.
Click on the “Open DVD” on the drop button, select the option “Open IFO files”, select an IFO file from the dialog box to load it.
Step 2: select output format
Select a file or multiple files in the list, and click the profile drop-down arrow, to determine an output format for the selected file in the drop-down list.
Tip: You can set the detailed parameters of the output format at the right level of profiles.
Step 3: Select output folder
Click on the button “Browse” the right of “Destination directory”, select a destination folder in the dialog box and click on the button “open”.
Tip: If you need several options for your video & audio files, please look at “Multiple application functions”.
Step 4: extract file
According to the above settings, please highlight the required file and click the button “Ribs start” on the main user interface, to pull out the file on your Mac. You can view the operation of the ripping process in the progress bar shown below.
Tip: You can click on the button “Ripping break” or “Rip stop” to the ripping process to pause or cancel as required.
Multiple application functions
1. Video segment cut
The software offers the truncation function that allows you to select your favorite segments from the source file and add it to the file list.
Follow following steps
1. Select a video file in the file list, click the button “Performance” in the toolbar. In the window that opens, you can edit the video.
2. Click on the button “Play”, to see the selected video file.
3. Click “Create a starting point” and “Create endpoint” to get a segment. The segment is added in the segment list.
4. Click on the “New clip” button and repeat the step 3 to create a new segment.
Tip: You can “Starting point” and “Endpoint” drag the slider to the place to adjust.
5. If you want to delete a segment in the segment list, select it and click the button “Delete”. If you want to change the location of the segments, activate it and click on the button “One high” and “One down”.
6. After the above steps, click on the button “OK”. Then the segments in the file list will be added.

1. The segment list displays all the slices that you want to display, including the start point, end point, and duration.
2. Snapshot make
The software allows you to take snapshots and save.
Select a video file in the file list, and click the button “Play” in the video preview window. If you like a picture from a video, click button on the “snapshot”, to save the image to the snapshot folder.
Tip: You can set the snapshot folder itself. Click on “Set the snapshot folder” in the list of drop-down arrow and select the snapshot folder in the dialog box.
3. Multiple profiles for the same video file set
The software supports output multiple files with different formats from a video file.
Below are the steps:
1. Select the files in the file list.
2. Select an output profile of “Profiles”.
3. Click on the button “Add profile”, the software will create a profile directory under the enabled file automatically.
4. Select the profile you want to change. Click on the profile Dropdownknopf and set a new output format from the list.
4. Video file exactly adjust
The software supports customizing the size of the output file.
Please select the video file to define of the output size and click on “tools > bitrate calculator”, then the file size, enter to obtain a precise video file. In addition, you can set also “audio bitrate” in this dialog box.
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