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Techniti 2011 - Beyond Conventions - NIT Jalandhar

Head Exploding with Ideas????...We Have Just the CURE!!!

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techniti 2011

It wasn’t that each era had their share of great thinkers and scientists but rather it was due to them that the subsequent era came into being. These were the people who decided to go against existing norms at risk of being ostracised and in some cases even being persecuted by their peers.We have much to be thankful to them for and much more to ensure we carry on with the principles of free thinking.

It never was, is and it never will be about following convention. No one remembers the guy who made the second bulb. This is what Techniti XI is all about. It’s not just another fest where you hope to bag cash prizes and blow it all off on one huge party or hope to add a few bucks to your pocket money, (although you won’t be disappointed) and its especially not just a forum to present your ideas.It’s more than that,where everyone feels included. You can be the whack job with the insanely mind boggling ideas or the craftsman with machines or the next Warren Buffett or even the student who wants to learn. This is precisely what every fest should hope to achieve, playing to your strengths, focussing on the one thing that makes you different and finding the right stage to do that.

If you are any of the above be sure to make your presence felt at Techniti XI, the technical fest of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar NITJ from Sep 16th-18th.

These three days include among many others the ‘Spirit Conference’, the ‘Magnum Opus’, the ‘Departmentals’ and the ‘Workshops’.

The Spirit Conference consist of guest lectures by notables in their respective fields including the likes of Leonardo Chiariglione, Samyak Chakrabarty, Ravi Gorthi, who come to share their experiences and the hurdles they faced along the way of accomplishing their dreams.

The Magnum Opus or the mega events which include Robotics, B-Plan, Paper Presentation, Opengeest, Goldbergs Conundrum which are aimed at challenging the thinking of the participants and their differential thinking ability as they apply all the knowledge they have gained over the years in a cohesive manner to successfully tackle the problem presented to them.

The Departmentals' are the events conducted by the different engineering departments where the problem solving ability of the students are tested. These problems are less complex than the ones faced by them in the mega events.

Workshops are conducted to enhance the knowledge of the students in their fields of interest like robotics, web development, etc. For the photography aficionados there are the events organised by the Movie club.

Further information about the fest can be found on the official website

The official Techniti dicussion thread is present here:

So be sure to be present and make your presence felt as it is A MEMORY THAT YOU WILL BEG TO RELIVE.